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To Our Perspective Donors:

Almost daily, we are made aware by the media that providing quality health care for all segments of our society is possibly the most urgent problem our nation faces. The past two adminstrations have found no workable solution(s) to offer the 45,000,000 Americans who purportedly have no health care available to them.

The special mission of Baldwinville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center has been very successful in providing the highest quality of medical, mental health and restorative nursing care to the elderly residents who come to us. In the fifty plus years that our nursing home has been serving the elderly infirm, many changes have occurred. First, the population of elderly needing care has increased substantially; advances in treatment of many illnesses that used to cause early death have developed rapidly allowing many people to live longer.

Also, the same progress in medical treatment has made it possible for larger numbers of elderly to stay in their own homes longer, something that everyone would wish for themselves. However, as dependency on others and severity of illness increase, the nursing home becomes a necessary consideration. It is here that the residents can receive the quality of nursing care required by their severe and multiple medical problems. Adequate 24 hour a day care cannot be provided at home in many instances.

Other elderly residents for whom the nursing home is an important consideration are those who have suffered injury from falls or who are recovering from surgery and need skilled and intensive physiotherapy and/or restorative rehabilitation. Many of these people do return to their homes.

Baldwinville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is an irreplaceable community resource in providing services to families who live in this region. To sustain our quality of services, we need your kind support and also your financial contributions.

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  Thanksgiving Lunch with Family & Friends - 12:00 pm

  Birthday Party with Terry Nally - 2:15 pm

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